McDonald’s McRib

It would be sacrilegious to change the McRib recipe. So for this year’s relaunch, we’ll mix things up by keeping it the same.

We’ll release 6 “new” versions that are actually the original McRib. So it’s only right that each one gets
its own introduction.

For example, we know the Portable McRib is so newfangled that we’ll need to show you how to interact with it.

The Pocket McRib inspires a bold fashion trend. Social media influencers promote the sandwich as the ultimate accessory.

McRib representatives defend the choice to go Non-Vegan in a radio press conference.

VO: Juliana Hardesty, Will Aebi

Reddit banners entice procrastinating 9-5ers to click...but this McRib’s 100% Work-Ready, baby. Clicks lead to the standard McRib’s official landing page.

How did we get the bones out of a rib-shaped patty, you ask? Interactive boards in bus shelters let you be the x-ray technician and see for yourself.

We’ve always had our haters. So we’ll use them to close out the season in a blaze of glory, with a tweet-roasted McRib.

Oh, and we almost released a Funeral McRib.

But we killed it.

AD: Justin Yang
CW: Juliana Hardesty