Hawaiian Airlines

Taking an off-season or solo trip to Hawaii results in jealousy from friends, coworkers, and even family.
Hawaiian Airlines offers a spontaneous vacation that leaves no trace by covering your tracks via fake tech conference.

We tease a tech conference with captivating images of Hawaii.

We'll capture desk workers searching for a way out and book them a flight to Hawaii.

After booking, escapees will receive a mailer disguised as an invitation to a tech conference in Kansas City, MO.

Before heading off to Hawaii, snap all the shots of awkward smiles, handshakes, and other people-in-business-attire photography you need using our prop business rooms.

Just before landing, send over an aerial shot of beautiful Kansas City using a window decal.

As our passengers gear up for their conference, we’ll help them sell their story.

A snapchat filter will remove your sunburn.


AD: Justin Yang
AD: Nik Reed
CW: Will Aebi
CW: Zak DeLange